Space Between Two Worlds Cover

Space Between Two Worlds

Released October 20, 2010
Available from CD Baby,, and iTunes.

Rich, upbeat, and heartfelt, Mariah's third album is comprised of songs written when she was fifteen and sixteen years old, a time full of exciting, yet often scary, unknowns. This album deals with that precarious transition between the worlds of childhood and adulthood.

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So Far Away Cover

So Far Away

Released July 30th, 2009
Available from CD Baby,, and iTunes.

Mariah's second album demonstrates her love of diversity in this collection of songs ranging from simple to complex. Recorded and mixed professionally at 10th Planet Studio, many of the songs are inspired by the wild and natural beauty of Alaska.

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Memories Cover


Released March 2008
Available from CD Baby and iTunes.

Mariah’s debut CD of all original songs, which were written when she was twelve and thirteen. The songs are uplifting and provide a positive outlook on transitions, both those in life and seasonal changes.  Independently recorded and produced at home, it is very simple, featuring layers of Mariah’s guitar and voice. It was released under the pseudonym of Mariah Z.

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